Wildebeest was founded at the end of 2013 by Josh and Rose (that’s us!), with the aim to celebrate vegan cuisine and provide a welcoming place to eat and drink. Our story started in Brighton, where we met in 2008 and promptly decided to travel and work together abroad. After spending some time in Australia, Bali and France, we returned to Brighton and set up a vegan sushi company, Yumtum Sushi. The response was astounding, from both vegans and non-vegans, and so we thought; ‘Why not expand and open a vegan café?’ We both had strong links with Cornwall, a love of being near the sea, and the desire for a more relaxed lifestyle, so Falmouth is where we’ve ended up.

We are strongly influenced by culinary styles and flavours from all over the globe, particularly Japan and Mexico, so we enjoy creating menus that are diverse and exciting. We like to experiment with different ingredients, flavour combinations and cooking techniques, using fresh produce which is often local and organic. A keen interest in vegan baking and desserts also means we offer delicious sweet treats, with homemade raw cheesecakes, fudgy brownies and creamy ice creams all making regular appearances on the menu.

Sustainability and environmental awareness are incredibly important to us (just some of the main reasons we choose to be vegan), and so we always endeavour to do our bit for the planet. We try to compost lots of our food waste and recycle everything we possibly can, plus we use biodegradable food packaging and eco-friendly cleaning products. We also use carbon-neutral webhosting, and try to minimise our carbon footprint by using a number of local suppliers.

The café itself is a relaxed, informal space, perfect for spending time with friends and enjoying a delicious meal. We’re open four evenings a week (see opening hours for info) and we welcome bookings via telephone or email. We hope to see you soon!